Powering Up Sustainable Energy

Our goal by 2025: Source all of the electricity we use through renewable means
Our goal by 2025: Source all of the electricity we use through renewable means

Committed to Reducing
Our Carbon Footprint.

At Rochester Regional Health, we understand that the health of our community, environment, and finances are all intertwined. We’re managing all of our resources to reduce our overall environmental footprint and lead sustainability efforts in the Northeast. Hospitals can use more than double the amount of energy as commercial buildings and on average generate more than thirty-three pounds of waste per patient per day — we’re making Rochester Regional Health the exception.

Our Sustainability Department is dedicated to helping improve the healthcare experience, ensure a healthy environment, and lower healthcare costs. We’re reducing waste, eliminating toxins, and creating a more sustainable community now and for the future.

Our Numbers

Since 2015, our sustainability efforts have resulted in:

Produce purchased locally
M+ kWh
Annual energy efficiency savings
M+ lbs
Annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
LED-Upgraded light bulbs
solar panels
LEED-certified space designed
Saved annually from energy efficiency, renewable energy, and waste reduction initiatives
M+ lbs.
of materials recycled annually

Focus Areas

The Built Environment

Creating a healthier, more pleasant environment for patients and employees

Waste Reduction and Diversion

Improving our management of natural resources and diverting resources from landfills by reusing and recycling whenever possible

Food Sourcing and Waste

Supporting our local Rochester farmers and reducing food waste

Sustainable Purchasing

Purchasing products that reduce our energy consumption, use safer chemicals, and come from companies that promote social and environmental responsibility

Energy Systems and Conservation

Improving energy efficiency and increasing renewable energy use

Community Outreach and Education

Providing a range of hands-on experiences and career development opportunities for students from local high schools and universities

Resource Reminder

Sustainability is a global problem with everyday solutions. Please help Rochester Regional to reduce, reuse, and recycle by following the simple steps outlined below. Our patients and staff, from today and tomorrow, thank you.

  • Switch off lights in empty rooms.
  • Report leaky windows, doors, faucets, or fixtures to sustainability@rochesterregional.org.
  • If responsible for equipment, consider energy-saving or lower water use models.
  • Turn computers off or change to “Sleep” mode when not in use.
  • If you normally use three paper towel or napkins, try two. If two, try one.
  • Think before you print or copy. Really necessary? If so, recycle when you no longer need it.
  • Change default printer settings to double-sided.
  • Use reusable water bottles or coffee mugs whenever possible.
  • Take the stairs – saves energy and burns calories.
  • Have other ideas? Please contact sustainability@rochesterregional.org.